Hostinger Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale 2023

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Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2022


Hostinger Black Friday Sale
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Hostinger Black Friday deals are now available, hurry up and get the deal now before it expires.


Are you looking for Hostinger Black Friday Deal 2023 and Cyber ​​Monday Sale Discount? So you’re right with us. Here you can find all the information about Hostinger features and Black Friday deals. You can get up to 86% discount on shared web hosting plans from Hostinger.

The Hostinger Black Friday sale 2023 is currently live . You can activate this offer and get the maximum discount on Hostinger hosting plans using the link below.

During the Cyber Week 2023 ,you will get 86% instant discount purchasing hostinger single web Hosting Plans.

Hostinger offers a world-class website hosting platform with 29 million users in over 178 countries. On average there are 15,000 signups daily and powerful techniques have been developed to help you learn, create and grow.

Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2022 Summary

Finally, Hostinger best Black Friday deals of the year are here!

This year Hostinger is offering some amazing Black Friday deals on its shared hosting services.

Hostinger new Price august 2022
  • Single Shared Hosting 80% Off (starts just from $1.99/monthly
  • Premium Shared Hosting 76% Off With Free Domain Name & Free SSL Certificate (Starting From $2.99/Monthly)
  • Business Shared Hosting 75% Off (Starting form $3.99/monthly)
Plans Original Costs Black Friday Offer Discount
Single Shared Hosting $9.99/Mo $1.99/mo 80% Off Activate Deals
Premium Shared Hosting $12.49/Mo $2.49/Mo 76% off Activate Deals
Business Shared Hosting $15.99/Mo $3.99/Mo 75% Off Activate Deals

Whether you are a beginner or looking for a complete good quality package for a personal or business website or an advanced solution for business growth, Hostinger has got it all at a very affordable price.

  1. Single Shared Hosting: Starting from $1.99/month

It is the ideal solution for beginners with 1 website, 30 GB SSD storage and 100 GB bandwidth

  1. Premium Shared Hosting: Starting from $2.49/month

It is the perfect package for personal websites. In this plan, Hostinger provides you to host 100 websites with 100 GB SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. Apart from this, you will also get the following items included in this package

  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Host up to 100 websites
  • 100 personalized email accounts
  • WordPress Acceleration
  • SSH access
  1. Business Shared Hosting: Starting from $3.99/month

This plan is optimized for small and medium businesses with 200 GB SSD storage In this plan, you also get daily backup and free CDN in addition to premium shared hosting features

How To Activate Hostinger Black Friday 2022 deals?

Step 1: Click here to go to the Hostinger Black Friday 2022 deals page

Step 2: After that, you will land on Hostinger Black Friday 80% OFF page.

Step 3: Click the Get Started Button

Step 4: After that, you will be taken to the hosting plans page which has 3 different plans

Step 5: Select the plans that best meet the needs of your type of website.

Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2022 Activate

Step 6: Click on the Add to Cart button

Step 7: You will be taken to the payment page.

Step 8: Fill in the required information with your correct data and box .

Step 9: Congratulations, you have successfully applied Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2022 with 80%

Step 10: You will now receive an email from hosting with your Cpanel account information and login password.

Why Hostinger is The Best Web Hosting Service?

Why Hostinger Web Hosting is Best web Hosting ? Let start without further ado, let’s get straight into the features of Hostinger web hosting.

Although there are many features that we can point out, we have listed the central and important points.

The ultimate purpose behind this review is to give you a quick insight idea about Hostinger.

And for all these features Hostinger is the best hosting. These Features are following-

Hostinger Performance Test

Readers are very valuable to us. Because we recommend products or services to our audience, we only recommend products and services that we have used ourselves.

For our WordPress hosting reviews, we sign up for and test each of the best web hosting providers to give their reviews.

We are hosting this Blogging-Guide Blog Hostinger and testing its performance by installing the Generatepress theme and getting this performance without any caching plugins .Which is perfect loading speed

Hostiger Performance Test Result

Hostinger Speed Test Results

Before we start our review, it’s a good idea to talk about the speed and performance of Hostinger. This way you will get an idea about the speed and loading performance and how good it is in the field.

We ran our test site through Pingdom tool to see how it would perform in the website speed test.

See the results;

Hostinger Pigdom Speed Test Result

As you can see above, our test site (although not well optimized) loads in under a second.

We tried to discover website performance using GT metrics.

Here are the results.

Hostinger Gtmetrix Results

see that It performed really well for our test website which was not so well optimized.
And we’re doing speed tests on Google Pagespeed ​​Insights
The result of which is on mobile:

Hostinger Google Page Speed Insights

And is on the desktop Results is:

Page speed Desktop 1

Overall, we are very satisfied with Hostinger hosting speed and website performance.

If you’re running a new website or a site that receives decent traffic, Hostinger servers are easy to manage and perform well in terms of speed and performance.

But if you are running a high-traffic website, you should consider VPS hosting because their VPS servers can easily handle high-traffic sites.

Hostinger Stress Tests

I sent 50 visitors to my website at once to stress test Hostinger. Roughly that’s a big number. Consider your website to have 50 visitors every moment – ​​some leave, more join.

It will soon add 10’s of thousands of monthly visitors.

Hostinger handled the stress test well.

Hostinger Stress Test Result
Hostinger Stress Test Result

As the number of visitors increased (gray line), the response time (blue line) remained the same. Hostinger hasn’t slowed down without a few bumps. Overall, it was as fast as 1 viewer.

Hostinger passed all my tests and ranks among the fastest and most reliable hosting providers. The provider is fast, reliable and powerful enough to handle large enough loads of traffic.

Hostinger Response Time

We wanted to test how our Hostinger test site responded to requests from different geographic locations. We used a tool called BitCatcha to measure this.

Here are the results

Hostinger Response Times Result
Hostinger Server Response Time Result

As you can see response times were great across the board, especially in UK,Europe,Canada and America.

Hostinger Uptime Test

Uptime is another metric to check if hosting is worth it. Most people don’t take uptime as a concern. Uptime can make or break your online business.

The website needs to be up as much as possible; Going down means a possible decrease in sales and visitors. Even sites can lose their rank by experiencing constant downtime.

I am checking the uptime on my site with Uptrends tools and the results are below.

Hostinger Uptime test Result
Hostinger Uptime Results

As can be seen from the above screenshot, Hostinger hosting has maintained a good uptime of my website in different places.

Easy To Use

When it comes to ease of use, Hostinger is incredibly easy to manage because it’s designed with beginners in mind. The automated wizard will take care of 3 setups: hosting, domain and SSL.

What’s more, the control panel called HPanel T is not only good-looking – it also combines great simplicity and functionality.

Overall, the setup process is very simple as all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions, fill in a few fields, choose your server location and you’re pretty much done.

Hpanel Instead of Cpanel

You won’t find any C-Panel on Hostinger; Instead, you will be provided with an H-Panel, which is very easy to use. H-Panel is basically the hoster’s own control panel.

All the main features of H-Panel are provided in one place. The dashboard is clean, and the icons are prominent, making them very easy to locate

Hostinger hpanel
Hostinger hpanel

With just 1 click, you can access h panel of your website. It is similar to C-Panel in some respects like DNS zone, MySQL database, file manager etc.
For beginners, the H-Panel is sufficient, but if you are an advanced C-Panel user, you may face difficulties in some cases. Automated installations in C-Panel are done with Softaculous, which has the ability to clone your site, configure schedules for backups.

H-Panel lacks these features. You must agree that Hostinger’s UI and UX team did a great job designing the custom dashboard

Free Domain,SSL Certificate with Zyro Website Builder

Now to make the website creation process even easier, Hostinger includes all the necessary features like a free domain, email account, an SSL, and even a free website builder. . All of these are excellent for personal and business web hosting

All Hostinger’s shared hosting plans provides a free domain , 100 email accounts and a free SSL certificate. This means that even the entry plan is suitable for starting a small business – it’s cheap and includes all the requirements, so you don’t have to spend extra money.

Free TLDs (top-level domains) with Hostinger hosting include: .com; .net; xyz; online; website; .space and many others.
Another thing is how you are going to build a website. WordPress is the #1 choice for many, but Hostinger has another tool – you can use the Zyro website builder.

Zyro Website builder
Zyro Website Builder
  • Generally, website builders are an easy and fast way to launch a website. Because all design elements are readily available, and require absolutely 0 programming knowledge.
  • Speaking specifically about Hostinger web design builder Zyro, here’s what you’ll get:
  • More than 130+ modern templates.
  • It provides drag-and-drop editor functionality.
  • Blogging, SEO, and email service tools.
  • Free domain and SSL with even cheaper plans.
  • Regular prices start at $2.69/month and $3.59/month for the eCommerce plan.
  • You can also read a detailed Hostinger website builder review we did.
  • So if you don’t have experience with WordPress, Gyro might be the next best thing.

Free Website Migration

Not many people know, but Hostinger also has free website migration. You just need to ask a support agent and they will transfer your website in a blink of an eye.

If you don’t know an expert then you can hire an expert from fiver for a small price. They can make your work easier.

Moreover you can request your free website migration from the dashboard without contacting anyone.

However, there is no detailed information on how to perform website migration anywhere on Hostinger’s website. But if you need it, you’re welcome to migrate your site.

To locate the migration request, click your name icon in your account.

Free Website Migratin
Free Website Migration

To transfer your website, you need to fill out a form. Hostinger can take care of WordPress, HPanel, FTP, and even other control panel migrations.

Website migration
Website Migration

The only downside is that you have to provide your hosting account password.

On the other hand, you’re migrating anyway and will probably do that account quickly. Just make sure you don’t use the same password on each of your accounts. Includes email, Twitter, and bank accounts.

So Hostinger doesn’t brag about its free website migration, it’s out there and available for free. If you’re afraid to leave your current provider because of the dreaded migration, there’s no reason not to.

Great Customer Support

Another metric to judge whether hosting is good or not is customer support. .

Consider, you have an established large website. The website is crashing for a reason; You tried everything on your end but couldn’t recover it.

The situation would be pathetic, wouldn’t it?

So, apart from a good server, you need good support to help you whenever you face any problem with your blog.

In short, Hostinger customer support is top notch. I personally contacted them many times and they solved all my problems.

Moreover, Hostinger has a blog where they upload knowledge-based articles. You can get solution of most of your problems only on their blog.

The only drawback about support is that you have to wait 30-60 minutes to get a response from them. This may be a deal-breaker for many, but I like their chat support a lot.

Cheap price and 30 days money back guarantee

Hostinger plans are very affordable, and anyone can easily afford them The price will increase when you renew the hosting package.

Moreover, if you find that things are not working well, you can always ask for a refund. Hostinger offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

30 days is considered standard for web hosting commitments.

Hostinger Excellent Tools To Boost Your Website

Hostinger web hosting comes with some great tools to speed up your website. Let’s examine them one by one.

1-Click Installer

1-Click Installer helps you install all your favorites in just one click You will get 1 click installer option in auto-installer.


PHP7 support

PHP developers will be surprised to know that Hostinger comes with PHP7 support. PHP7 is considered the biggest PHP release in 10 years. It is faster than its predecessor PHP5. While benchmarking, it was observed that PHP7 is twice as fast as PHP5.

GIT support

GIT is a very advanced and powerful tool. Most of us have heard about GIT but don’t know what it actually does. Git is an open source control panel launched for developers. Developers use Git to work on their projects quickly and efficiently.

NGINX Caching

This is another important reason to go for Hostinger hosting. NGINX Caching increases website speed by streamlining static website content.

What are others saying about Hostinger?

Before choosing a web host, it is important for you to know customer feedback. So we created this section to show what other real users are saying about Hostinger.

On G2 (which has over 1.2 million reviews from real customers), users gave the following ratings.

G2 customer Review

As you can see above, on the G2, users have given it a 4.1 out of 5 star rating which is great.

On Trustpilot (the world’s most powerful review platform), users have given the following reviews.

Truspilot Reviews

See that On Trustpilot, real users rated it 4.4 out of 5. It has also generated over 2200 reviews from real customers which is incredible.

If you liked our review and found Hostinger hosting useful, you can get started with it today.

Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2022 FAQs

Is this hosting service better for beginners?

Yes, if you are just starting out or even if you are a veteran, Hostinger Hosting has web hosting solutions for every different type of your needs and this is the perfect time and the right hosting because Hostinger is now giving 90% OFF on Hosting offers. Black Friday and as a beginner you should not opt ​​for high priced hosting services.

How can you activate these Hostinger Black Friday 2022 deals?

Just go to This link , and follow the steps mentioned above

Does Hostinger have a FREE trial?

I do not think so.

Does Hostinger have a money back guarantee?

Yes, Hostinger has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

How much discount can you get during hostinger Black Friday deals 2022?

Hostinger is offering a 80% discount on all its plans during its black friday sale.

Basic Plan – 80% Discount

Premium Plan: 76% discount

Business Plan – 75% Discount

Can you apply this deal afterwards?

No one can tell when this Black Friday sale will end, so if you really want to get Hostinger hosting at  80% discount  then don’t miss this opportunity, Black Friday only comes once a year.

Final Thoughts Of Hostinger Black Friday Deals:

With good performance, a user-friendly backend hpanel and super affordable pricing, Hostinger is one of the best hosting providers for beginners. In fact, this is my best recommendation for those who are just starting their online journey or have a tight budget.

now, with this Black Friday discount, Hostinger offers one of the best value-to-performance web hosting experiences.

But that being said, what if you are a more experienced power user? What if you don’t mind spending more money to get more powerful specs and functionality?If so, read my list of the best Black Friday hosting deals. You will definitely find a discount coupon for web hosting that is right for your needs and requirements.

More Black Friday Hosting Deals:


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