15 Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress 2023

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Are SEO plugins enough for good SEO?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! The aim here is only to help you choose the best free SEO plugins for WordPress.

Although it can help you improve various aspects of SEO, the optimization process is more complicated than installing a few extensions.

So it is necessary to know the basics of SEO in advance by familiarizing yourself with many criteria.

However, the advantage of WordPress is that it is very “blog” oriented, and as we (almost) all know, content is ROI if it is quality and targets the right keywords!

Even if you walk away with a WordPress site with a certain advantage, be aware that it is important to have the right methods for learning SEO. Read some of these books for example.

Fortunately, WordPress is considered the best CMS even though it is easy to use. With persistence, you will quickly learn how to properly optimize your site and attract traffic.

Coming back to our topic, there are a host of SEO plugins that can be used to properly optimize your WordPress. Here is a selection of 10 plugins that I personally use for my own site.

What is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress? Which one should you pick? Bloggers and website owners often ask themselves this question and the answer is not as simple as it sounds. In fact, if you type “best SEO plugins for WordPress” into your search bar on Google, you’ll get millions of results!

It’s good to remember that not all WordPress SEO plugins are created equal. Not all of them can be used for every website and may even conflict with each other. This can lead to major problems like deindexing or worse.

You, maybe, are wondering what are the best SEO plugins for WordPress. A great way to find out is to review the best SEO plugins for WordPress or, if you want something simple, check out this list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress on the market.

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Therefore, it involves many tasks and techniques that can be very difficult to implement without the help of WordPress SEO plugins.

A decent SEO plugin will help you create meta tags and descriptions based on your chosen keywords. Some candidates on this list also provide content analysis with actionable tips for improvement. Additionally, it is very important to create XML sitemaps so that search engine crawlers can index your site.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the six best WordPress SEO plugins. Conveniently, they all offer free solutions. Let’s go!

What is SEO plugin in WordPress?

To begin with, you can think of a plugin as a small program that is part of a larger program. In this case, WordPress is a big program. This platform has an extensive store of plugins designed to perform various website functionalities that you can install on your website.

WordPress SEO plugin helps you to perform on page optimization tasks for search engines, web search engines.

While free SEO tools perform diagnostics and help identify how to improve your website’s SEO, WordPress plugins can directly edit various elements of your SEO web design to improve its ranking.

WordPress SEO plugins perform on page optimization to improve web search engine rankings.

As an SEO expert, some of the things I use the most that these plugins can do are:

  • Edit your web page code to make it easier for Google bots (crawlers) to index.
  • Edit your page meta title and meta description to help Google understand your website content
  • Optimize social network metadata.
  • Tag pages, identify and avoid duplicate links.
  • Find internal linking opportunities.
  • Identify factors to correct to improve your web page loading speed

Why install an SEO plugin on your WordPress site?

Most people who search for something on Google never go beyond the first page. If you also consider the high competition for the most valuable keywords, appearing on the search results page can be a difficult process.

There are several factors that affect your website’s ranking: the quality of your keywords, how well you understand users’ motivations, the weight of your files, the loading speed of your website, etc. WordPress lets you monitor everything. It’s all at the same time and in one place, and this is where a WordPress SEO plugin can make a difference.

SEO plugins for WordPress have features designed to optimize your SEO, increase traffic and conversions, and improve your website’s visibility.

These plugins can provide you with relevant data to make better decisions, such as keyword rankings and other important statistics., such as keyword rankings and other important statistics.

They can find pages and posts on your website with high SEO potential, restructure the structure of your website, fix broken links and do a general analysis of your technical SEO.

You should save part of your SEO budget for installing a WordPress SEO plugin, as it can make your SEO improvement processes more efficient and faster. This will give you more time to invest in your marketing strategy and other high-level decisions.

Are SEO plugins enough for good SEO?

Are SEO plugins enough for good SEO?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! The aim here is only to help you choose the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

Although it can help you improve various aspects of SEO, the optimization process is more complicated than installing a few extensions.

So it is necessary to know the basics of SEO in advance by familiarizing yourself with many criteria.

However, the advantage of WordPress is that it is very “blog” oriented, and as we (almost) all know, content is ROI if it is quality and targets the right keywords!

Even if you walk away with a WordPress site with a certain advantage, be aware that it is important to have the right methods for learning SEO. Read some of these books for example.

Fortunately, WordPress is considered the best CMS even though it is easy to use. With persistence, you will quickly learn how to properly optimize your site and attract traffic.

Best Free SEO Plugins for WordPress 2022

Coming back to our topic, there are a host of SEO plugins that can be used to properly optimize your WordPress. Here is a selection of 15 plugins that I personally use for my own site.

1. All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress (AIOSEO)

All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO) is the best WordPress SEO plugin among the unique WordPress plugins in the market. Used by more than 3+ million users, it is the most comprehensive SEO toolkit that helps you improve your website’s search ranking without learning any complicated SEO jargon.

The free version of AIOSEO includes all the essential features, but the Pro version gives you everything you need to outdo your competitors.

It comes with the easiest setup wizard that automatically helps you choose the best SEO settings for your website or blog. AIOSEO shows you TrueSEO on-page analytics with an actionable checklist to optimize your posts and pages.

The On-Page SEO Checklist includes a smart meta tag builder where you can use dynamic values ​​(current year, month, day, custom fields, author information, and more) for your SEO title and meta description. This means you don’t have to update the entire post to change the SEO title of just one post.

AIOSEO also comes with rich snippet schema markup, smart XML sitemap (with advanced controls), SEO health status check and other useful features to increase your search engine visibility.

Open Graph has a built-in social media integration for adding metadata. This means you can choose which image or thumbnail to show when your pages are shared on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

AIOSEO also comes with built-in WooCommerce SEO tools for e-commerce sites It includes dynamic optimization, individual product page optimization, product image SEO and other useful features to bring more organic traffic to your online store.

For more SEO savvy users, it includes complete control over RSS feeds, Robots.txt editor, local SEO, breadcrumbs, Google News sitemap, video SEO, advanced redirect manager, 404 tracking, IndexNow integration and more.

For business owners, this comes with the SEO user role, so you can manage access to important SEO features while keeping control of your website.

Update: AIOSEO recently added a Link Assistant which is a game-changer for internal linking. It helps identify link opportunities, gives you link suggestions in real-time, and you can add internal links in bulk with just a few clicks.

Overall, All in One SEO (AIOSEO) is the most beginner-friendly and best WordPress SEO plugin on the market. It’s easy to configure and eliminates the need to install multiple plugins to get things done on your WordPress site. It works perfectly for all types of business, ecommerce, blog, news and other websites.

As a Blogging-Guide user, you get a 50% discount on AIOSEO Pro.

For beginners, you can use the free version of AIOSEO to get started.

2.Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins on the market, and it’s easy to see why. It comes with excellent features out of the box to help you create search-engine-friendly content that’s easy to read.

For example, Yoast SEO adds a meta box to all your pages and posts, enabling you to easily set your focus keywords, meta descriptions, canonical URLs, and more. Plus, its readability analysis will help you optimize your posts with practical suggestions for copy improvement.

Other features include:

  • Ability to Create XML Sitemap
  • Schema Markup
  • Control of breadcrumbs
  • Support ‘noindex’ content
  • Title and Meta Description Templates
  • Language support
  • Access to free Yoast courses

Price: Free.

The premium version includes internal linking advice, content insights and a redirect manager and news site optimization are included. Yoast Premium Price starts $89 per year for one website.

3. Rank Math SEO Plugin


This free plugin includes everything you need to take full control of your on-page SEO. It has all the features of Yoast, but with a more intuitive, simpler and more flexible design. It offers almost automatic configuration and lets you import all your data configured in Yoast to perform the migration and realize it is on par with any other WordPress SEO plugin. It is also easy to handle and light.

Among the most important features it allows you to do the following:

  • Your article is optimized for targeted keywords
  • Optimize Your Pages, Posts, Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Crate sitemap, edit robot.text files and control your indexed and crawled pages with thier
  • Redirect 301 without installing another plugin.
  • Easily integrate with Google Search Console.
  • Every post/page/product is run through an SEO analysis tool based on 40 factors.
  • Includes support for Open Graph and Twitter cards.
  • Comes with a 404 monitor where users see errors. Also a redirection module that lets you turn those errors into something more useful.

If Google detects broken links, your website’s SEO can be greatly affected. That’s why Broken Link Checker scans your website posts and pages and shows all broken links or 404 errors within minutes. The list is populated with the links in question, so you can go and remove them entirely or change them for free Manual is good reference. If you keep the plugin active, it continues to search your site and notifies you if there are any broken links.

Some of the main features are:

  • All link changes are done through the main page of the plugin.
  • There is an option to search and filter links.
  • Monitor comments, custom fields and more.
  • Missing images and redirects are also easily detected.
  • Contains an optional feature to prevent search engines from following broken links on your site

An important point to consider: Since this plugin scans continuously, it is recommended to enable it, test and fix links in batches, and then disable it again to ensure your site’s performance is not affected.

5.The SEO framework

It is ideal for those who want a fast and lightweight WordPress SEO plugin without any ads. Its interface is suitable for beginners and is very easy to use. It automatically generates titles, descriptions, canonical URLs and performs general SEO functionality.

If the default features aren’t enough for you, you can add more advanced options through its extensions, including local SEO, AMP integration, article optimization, monitoring for SEO and availability, incognito mode, redirects, and comment caching for spammers.

Among its features we can find:

All its functions are completely free, with no extensions or premium functions to provide.

  • Visual Color Meter provides an easy way to check if your post is performing well on Google
  • There is a local SEO extension for businesses that need to set up and display important local business information
  • Comment spamming extension eliminates the need for an additional plugin.
  • Most of the SEO parameters are already pre-configured when installing the plugin.
  • Focuses on the topic of focus to encourage more natural writing.

Remember that you must select the plugin or plugins as per the needs of your website. Some require certain features and some do not. SEO is about creativity and learning, there is no safe path or rules to follow, you just have to dare to interact with it.

6. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippets is a plugin that allows you to easily insert content with structured data into WordPress pages and posts.

The SEO objective of this plugin is for search engines to better understand the content with structured data and also try to appear in the serps with rich results ( Rich Snippets ).

Create a content box that you can customize with very nice structured data that serves both to inform the user and to insert the structured data for Google.

This WordPress plugin allows you to insert the following types of schemas :

  • Review / Opinion
  • Event
  • People
  • Product
  • Prescription
  • software application
  • Video
  • Articles

Schema Pro – Schema Pro is the alternative premium version of this plugin that also has these features.

  • Structured data with JSON LD .
  • No data box : The schema data is only visible to search engines.
  • Automate structured data – You don’t need to insert each structured data by hand.

Note : another very interesting alternative to get rich snippets that includes more than 800 types of structured data is the seo plugin SNIP: Structured Data Plugin for WordPress

7. Redirection

The WordPress Redirection plugin allows you to easily create and manage redirects within WordPress.

Managing 301 redirects with this plugin is done with a simple panel that also supports regular expressions to make more complex redirects.

It also has a complete record of the redirects created to manage them easily.

It also has a 404 error hit log to analyze and solve these errors.

Warning : the plugin is very easy to use but it is always better to create the redirects from the server and analyze the 404 errors with external tools.

8. SEO Friendly Images


PB SEO Friendly Images is an SEO plugin that allows you to automatically configure the titles and alternative text of images.

Image title and alt text are very important for search engines to better understand images and we can optimize these elements to target a specific keyword.


  • Sync: You can sync existing »alt« with »title« and vice versa
  • Override: You can override existing »alt« and »title« attributes with a custom scheme
  • Scheme: Set a scheme for your »alt« and »title« to flexibly define and optimize your content
  • For all images – The plugin works great with images in posts and also with post thumbnails.
  • WooCommerce Support: User WooCommerce product title as alt/title image (Pro Feature)
  • Tested SEO: The plugins default settings are tested by an SEO consultant

Interlinks Manager allows you to control internal links to create an interlinking strategy usually done externally with technical tracking tools.

But Interlinks Manager is an SEO plugin that allows us to control the internal linking of our website in a very exhaustive way.

Interlinks Manager allows:

  • Analyze internal links : Shows information such as the number of manual internal links, the number of automatic internal links, the number of visits generated with your internal links, the optimization status
  • Calculate the link juice : Indicates an estimate of the link juice provided by the URLs and a complete list of information on the contribution of the link.
  • Link Suggestion : Tool that suggests related content you can link to when you are writing content.
  • Automatic links : With the AIL section you can quickly convert specific keywords or phrases into internal links.

10. Ultimate Nofollow

Some SEO plugins like Ultimate Nofollow that allow you to put nofollow links when inserting a link from the WordPress editor are not necessary anymore in most cases since Yoast SEO and Rank Math already include that option.

Even so, it is a WordPress seo plugin that has always been widely used.

11. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQs is a WordPress SEO plugin that allows us to insert frequently asked questions with structured data.

It allows you to create, organize and publish frequently asked questions in an accordion with a very successful design so that it fits all types of web pages.

It has a lot of customization options and we can insert the FAQs using WordPress blocks and shortcodes.

This functionality is already included in many SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math.

12. Breadcrumb NavXT

Breadcrumb NavXT is a plugin to integrate a “Breadcrumbs” navigation route in WordPress.

A breadcrumb trail is an element that improves internal linking and user navigation, therefore it is good for search engine crawling of the website.

Most mega seo plugins like Yoast SEO and Rank Math already include options to integrate breadcrumbs, but you will find Breadcrumb NavXT in numerous themes on Themeforest.

Not required for WooCommerce as it includes its own breadcrumb system.

13. WP Smush

WP Smush is one of the top WordPress plugins when it comes to image optimization and compression.

With over a million installations on WordPress, WP Smush is one of the most popular plugins and one of the best must-have SEO plugins.

It is a reliable image optimizer capable of working on various WordPress sites.

Let me tell you about the features that caught my attention about this plugin:

  • Automatic compression of all images on the site with a single click
  • Large file compression
  • Easily resize images using default or custom settings
  • Convert images to different types.
  • Holds the metadata associated with the file
  • Automatically convert and optimize images to WebP format
  • Sending a notification for very large images

Undoubtedly, this plugin is very useful if your website content relies heavily on photos and graphic elements. You will be able to have an attractive site with illustrative images without it being a problem for your project’s SEO.

14. Perfmatters

The Perfmatters plugin allows certain non-essential WordPress features that slow down the website to be removed or simply disabled.

It is together with Wprocket the perfect complement.

To highlight the possibility of using conditional loading not allowing loading css or javascript on pages that are not used.

Some of the most outstanding advantages of this plugin are:

  • It makes it easy to adjust how CSS and JS files will be loaded when found by a browser.
  • Ability to disable dashicons, xmlrpc, feeds, wp version,
  • Allows you to change the WordPress login
  • Ability to disable unnecessary javascript in Woocommerce
  • preload
  • LazyLoad
  • cdn
  • Google Font Optimization
  • conditional load

The learning curve is very fast, so you can become an expert in no time.

Without a doubt, together with Wprocket, the best WPO seo plugins.

15. Site Kit By Google

Site Kit is the Google official plugin for WordPress.

With this plugin you can easily integrate Google tools without code and you can also see statistics of those tools directly from the WordPress control panel.

With the Site Kit plugin you can integrate most Google tools such as:

  • Google Search Console : Tool to control the technical seo status of the web, tracking and indexing.
  • Google Analytics : Tool to track web traffic where from visitor
  • Google AdSense : Implements ads on the website of the Google Ads service.
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights : Measures the loading speed of the web page.
  • Google Tag Manager : Use Site Kit to manage your tags in Tag Manager
  • Optimize – Configure Optimize A/B testing.


SEO plugins have become a very popular way for people to optimize their website for search engines. They are easy to use and can be installed on any type of WordPress website.

However, it is a mistake to believe that having these plugins installed guarantees a first place in the search results.

There are more than 200 factors that directly influence the positioning of a website. Controlling everything by relying only on installed SEO plugins doesn’t make much sense.

In addition, it will depend on how competitive your niche is and the difficulty of positioning the keywords for which you want to rank.

Now that you know the advantages and operation of the most used SEO plugins today , what are you waiting for to take your website to the next level?

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