How To Generate Organic Traffic To your Website?

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Are you worried about your website or blog’s organic traffic? You don’t know how to generate organic traffic to your website. There are many techniques to increase organic website visitors. In this article we will show in detail how you can generate organic traffic to your website.

Generating organic traffic for a new website is quite a struggle these days. Day after day Google is releasing new updates. As a result, Google gives high priority to high authority websites in terms of ranking.

If your website is brand new then Google has not built any authority for your website or blog. In that case, how to gain organic traffic on your website. And there are several techniques to do that which we will discuss gradually in this article.

However, before we get to that deck, let’s learn about web traffic

What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic refers to all the activity carried out by users on a site , that is, the total number of times they access to visit a website, either to view a single page, to view and navigate the site or to do any certain action.

Now, these users can access and generate traffic to a specific website in various ways: from a search engine such as Google, through a link on social networks , the advertising banner of a news site, from other channels traffic come to your site and vistis that called traffic source

And Increasing such web traffic to your site helps you generate customers. Ask a salesperson or business owner what they would like most in the world, and they’ll probably tell you “more customers.”

What is the second priority of a business after customers? Get more web traffic to your site . There are many ways to increase traffic to your website, several of them are free.

We know that SEO helps you a lot to generate web traffic because it helps you to be found organically, and we assume that this is the only way to do it.

If you think like that, you may be wrong. Traffic to your website has several challenges that you must overcome.

Types of Web Traffic?

There are at least 6 sources through which you can generate visits to a website . Let’s see what these types of traffic are in detail:

  • Organic: that is, visits that reach a page without investing money in advertising; This usually occurs through a search conducted by the user on Google and, if the contents are search engine optimized (SEO), they will appear in a favorable position on the search engine results page

  • Paid– Refers to traffic from ads served through Google Ads and Facebook Ads

  • Direct – Occurs when the user types your brand’s website address into the browser and accesses it without clicking anywhere else; This type of traffic is very valuable, because it means that the person is specifically looking for your company and is closer to conversion.

👉 Note that this type of traffic can also reflect accesses that have nothing to do with the previous explanation, as tools like Google Analytics fail to identify where the user came from and eventually classify it as direct traffic.

  • Referral or Referral Traffic: That is, those visits that come to your website through links on your page that appear on other websites.

  • Social : Traffic from social networks.

  • Email: Refers to the visits to your website through links spread through email marketing

Advantages of having traffic to your website

It does not matter if you sell a product or service, or if you publish information or news of interest on the web, attracting visitors is a very important and  absolutely necessary topic for any digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy .

Whatever your goal is: achieving registrations or leads, conversions such as clicks, views or form fills, increasing the number of subscribers, closing a sale or simply watching a video on your site, without visits, you will not achieve any of these goals.

Traffic to your site will one way or another end up in some form of monetization and you should make the most of your site visits:

  • Web traffic builds brand:  More visits give  your company and your brand more visibility , increasing your online reputation (branding).
  • It helps you spread  your content .
  • It allows you to capture and  convert  unknown people into  prospects or leads  and nurture and build a relationship with them through your Inbound Marketing strategies.
  • It helps you  boost the sale of products or services  of your company or brand.
  • It allows you to captivate visitors and convert them into  subscribers of your company  and send  them content that they want to  receive .
  • With a good volume of traffic you can  market spaces  on your pages with the highest traffic through  banners or contextual advertising . The more visits you receive, the more money you can earn in advertising.

What is Organic Website Traffic?

The term organic means something that is obtained naturally, similarly, organic traffic refers to visitors who land on your website naturally without using any paid source. This traffic is not generated from any paid advertising but visitors found you using search engines like Google or Bing.

Simply put, if someone searches for your offered product or service and finds your website in the SERPs and clicks on your website, that visitor is an organic visitor.

How To Generate Organic Traffic To your Website?

As I mentioned earlier there are many strategies to generate traffic organically which are discussed step by step below.

Search Engine Optimization

Without a doubt, the best way to generate organic traffic is through search engine optimization.As we already know, when a user comes to your site through any search engine like Google or Bing, they this is called an organic visitor, but to attract visitors from search engines, your website must have better visibility.

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines, so it can be said that search engine optimization is very important to generate organic traffic for a website. There are hundreds of optimization techniques that can help your website rank better in search engines such as:

Targeting Low-volume Keyword

Better keyword research is the process of finding popular words that people type into search engines, and using them in your content for better visibility on search engine results pages.

So you must do good keyword research. In terms of keyword selection, always low competitive and low volume keywords should be selected. Because low search volume keywords usually do not target high authority sites.

As a result, Google does not have good quality data for these keywords due to the low number of high authority site articles written on those keywords.

So if you can write those low search volume keyword target articles with good optimization, then your site will rank easily and your site can gain organic traffic.

Target Long Tail Keyword

Long tail keywords Google ranks very quickly. So long tail keywords are given more priority in keyword targeting. You can use Long-Tail Pro for that.

But if you are a beginner, not able to purchase Long_Tail Pro then you are told another process.

It is KGR ​​Techniques. You install the Surfer extension on your Chrome browser. Then select your target country and search by typing any keyword of the niche you want to write articles on.
As a result, your keyword and search volume will show and you will get more related keywords and their search volume.

From there, select a keyword below 250 and type the keyword in the search bar and search by typing AllIntitle: Keyword and it will show you how many posts there are on the title of this keyword.

Now, if you divide the total title number by the search volume of your keyword, if the result is below or equal to 0.25, you can easily rank this keyword and get organic visitors from the search engine.

KGR=Allintitle/Search volume=0.25

Optimize your keywords for search engines (SEO).

Positioning your site in the search results of Google and other engines can help you generate large amounts of traffic for free.

Remember that every page on your site must have an HTML title tag and a description meta tag that is unique and relevant to the page’s content.

If you want to learn more about your site’s SEO strategy, we recommend you read the post with 9 SEO Tips for Ecommerce.

Once your site is ready, don’t wait for Google to add it to the results, submit your site to Google.

Write Quality Content

We always know that Content is king. Search Engine Prefer unique content.So always try to write quality content for better ranking in search results.

So,What do you think? Why would a visitor want to come back to your website again and again? Yes, it is because of the quality content. With quality content, you can generate high CTR (click-through rate) and Google considers high CTR as an important factor to rank your website in SERPs.

Not only that, with quality content you will be able to generate more backlinks and backlinks are an indication of credibility and trust for search engines thus they support such websites and last but most importantly quality content helps to serve a great user.

Experience and if a visitor is having a good experience while using your content then they are more likely to visit your website again.

On-page optimization

On-page optimization refers to all direct measures that can be taken to improve a website’s position in order to improve search engine rankings.

Backlinks are also called external links, these links are on one website but refer to another website. Their backlinks are very important as search engines like Google and Bing see them as indicators of quality content and thus they favor such websites.

Website loading speed

You know that the research conducted by Google says that if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load then people will switch to another website, so we can say that your website must be fast to do better in SERP.


According to the latest Google policy update, if you want your website to rank well on search engine pages, it must be mobile-friendly, meaning it must look good when someone opens it on a mobile device. Google did this because most people use their mobile phones to access the internet.


Blogging is another amazing way of search engine optimization to get organic traffic. A blog website is the type of website where content is presented in reverse chronological order meaning that new content appears first.

This type of website is run by an individual or group of individuals who present information in a conversational style. The original idea behind blogging was to share personal life online but over time it evolved from personal to professional goals.

A blog website can be very beneficial because it can manage your online identity, it can help you rank better in search engines, it can help you build your domain authority, and it’s an amazing way to share new information.

A blog is written in a conversion style so it’s a two-way communication. So if you think you have excellent thinking and writing skills then blog website is amazing for you. Blogs are an important search engine optimization strategy.

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Active and Share your Content Social Media Platforms

After creating quality content, the most important task is to drive people to your website and grab people’s attention. What could be better than a platform where 57% of the world’s population is stuck for more than two hours and thirty minutes every day?Yes, I’m going to talk about social media.

Without a doubt, social media has become the biggest promotional tool of modern times. Every individual and every organization is using social media to reach the youth.

So if you can identify your target visitors and deliver your content in front of them a selected social media platform, it can generate a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Participating in discussions, using relevant hashtags, engaging visitors with questions and answers, and using forms is one of the ways to attract people to your website.

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